eportfolios …

As a creator with multiple aspects to my work, I love e-portfolios, and have several! This blog is my art e-portfolio, I have another site for my educational and research work, and then there’s my Creative Becoming blog, where I try to bring together my creative, professional and research interests 🙂

So this week I was at a forum on e-portfolios in education, looking at how portfolio learning can allow formal learning programs to support the lifelong and life-wide learning journey. Anyone interested in looking at the poster I presented (A learning portfolios approach to academic development), can check it out over on my Creative Becoming blog: eportfolios for academics.


Sacred sites … volume 2

Sacred sites: Exploration - cover

Here’s the next in a set of portfolios of my photographic work produced over the last ten years. This one, Sacred sites: Exploration, has images composed from photos taken in exploring the Australian outback and bush over the last few years, combined with some song lyrics that have been inspired by my travels. Readings of the history of the settlement and exploration of Australia have influenced these works – this is further explored in my next portfolio, Wounded Country – stay tuned 🙂

All the portfolios can be purchased directly from Momento Shop (search for Belinda Allen).