exploring ephemeral

Embellished tree trunk – coal and eucalyptus leaves

On November 1 I joined a cluster of creative women at Coledale, to participate in a ‘Collaborations with Nature’ ephemeral art workshop presented by Shona Wilson. It was a day of play, also of intense and tiring problem solving as we worked out how to work with the landscape, using no tools but our own bodies (and occasional sharp twigs!). My afternoon work was this embellished tree trunk, and I hope to explore ephemeral art further over the next year, following in Shona’s footsteps with her ‘One a day’ project. The purpose of this is to connect daily with nature in a meditative way, as a spiritual as well as a creative practice. Of course, I can’t mention ephemeral art without referring to the guru – Andy Goldsworthy, long may he reign 🙂


At last – the ‘sacred sites’ shop

A shop for sacred sites? seems an oxymoron I know 🙂


You know, I love travelling, taking photos, and playing with making images, but haven’t had much time and energy for the business side (well, there is that pesky day job, not to mention studies …). However, at last I have bitten the bullet and opened up an Etsy shop. It’s not a ‘fine-art’ outlet, but I love Etsy because it’s not elitist and encourages everyday creativity, and also sells funky vintage stuff. I don’t aspire to climb any art world ladder – like so many others everyday creativity is what I do. And of course as an avid charity-shopper I love the funky vintage stuff 😉

If you haven’t checked out Etsy before, it’s an inspiring place, if you can steer clear of the kitsch (hey, I know some people LOVE kitsch). You can find my shop, sacred sites, here, or linked from my Sales page.