… and now for something completely different

Chris and I have recently returned from a three week trip through Kashmir and Ladakh in northern India. It’s taken some time to sort through the photos … here’s a taste …


Lamayuru, on the Srinigar-Leh road



Michael and me in Richmond Park

Michael and me in Richmond Park

I recently found out that an old friend from London died last month. Michael had just turned 60 and I hadn’t seen him for 30 years. He lived in Albuquerque for the last 20, and we exchanged Christmas letters for most of those years.

Michael and Mark, Richmond Park

Michael and Mark, Richmond Park

Michael was a friend of another friend, Mark, whom I met in the Greek islands and then spent time with when I was based for several months in London in late 1983. Mark, Michael and I were the greatest philosophers on earth, or so it seemed as we talked late into those London winter nights.

In philosophic mode

In philosophic mode

I came home to Sydney in February 1984 and have never met those old friends again …

vivid and subversive

bel_mcaadele_vividyou are here 1you are here 2doors of perceptionyou are here 3

city visit, a set on Flickr.

We live on the outskirts of the city, though we regularly travel in for work, so it’s fun to sometimes spend a weekend in the thick of it. Right now Sydney has it’s winter Vivid Festival, with many light shows and musical happenings, so we stayed over last weekend. As well as visiting a few different watering holes, strolling around the light shows at Circular Quay, and seeing one of our favourite musical geniuses, C.W.Stoneking play at the Opera House, my partner Christopher Lawrie began his series of subversive ‘new suprematist‘ installations at the MCA and the AGNSW.

sort of doing the orient express …

Balloon over Goreme

We’ve been travelling in Europe following the Threshold Concepts conference, kind of following the Orient Express route from London to Istabul. It’s been a while since I’ve posted artwork, that’s because I have been posting to my travel blog, and then for the last month sorting the 3,500 photos that Chris and I took. Here’s a slideshow of about 500 of them. Chris is making some great compositions from these, and that is what I will be doing soon 🙂