eportfolios and creativity

For my PhD studies, and my work in educational technology, I am exploring how eportfolios could help learners present their developing skills in different dimensions of creative practice in their discipline. I have uploaded to my PhD blog – creative becoming – a copy of the poster I presented at theย  ePortfolios Australia Forum, and a graphic of the model I have created to frame eportfolio assessment of creative practice.

sort of doing the orient express …

Balloon over Goreme

We’ve been travelling in Europe following the Threshold Concepts conference, kind of following the Orient Express route from London to Istabul. It’s been a while since I’ve posted artwork, that’s because I have been posting to my travel blog, and then for the last month sorting the 3,500 photos that Chris and I took. Here’s a slideshow of about 500 of them. Chris is making some great compositions from these, and that is what I will be doing soon ๐Ÿ™‚